Why Get Dental Implants Abroad? – Interview Dr. Ivo Zerbes

dental implantsDental tourism is a growing phenomenon that has emerged in the past years due to the demand for quality dental treatments at affordable prices. The trend of travelling from Western Europe to cities in Eastern Europe for treatment seems to have become a practical solution for hundreds of thousands of patients. The ratio of quality of work and investment is positive, with patients admitting to having saved a small fortune by opting to seek treatment abroad. To get a deeper look into this tendency we interviewed Doctor Ivo Christian Zerbes, acclaimed European dentist, who himself treats hundreds of patients that come to Romania for professional dental work.

After working almost a decade in Germany as a dental technician, Dr. Zerbes decided to pursue studies to become a dentist. His dream was to build a model clinic in Romania which would serve as an outreach training center for dentists throughout the country.  This wish became a reality in 2005 when he was trained as a Coach, and later in 2007 became the National Supervisor and Trainer for a number of innovative Swiss dental implant systems, having trained to date over 500 dentists from around the country.

Today he offers professional dental treatments and implants to patients from all around Europe, the US and Canada.  His reputation and work are exemplary, having a modern and fully equipped clinic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  His quality work and affordable prices speak for themselves; that’s why his clinic attracts new patients yearly from all over the UK.

Q. 1. How open are people from other countries to receiving dental treatments in Romania?

A.1. In our clinic, we have patients from all over the world.  We have patients from Australia, the US and Canada and from all over Europe.  When you can get quality dental services at a fraction of the cost, including air travel, our patients are more than willing to come to Romania for their dental work.

Q.2. What do you think people should be looking for when looking for dental treatments abroad?

A.2. I think people should try to see who are the doctors and staff working in a particular clinic.  Looking at how modern the place looks without seeing who’s behind the doors, is important for building your confidence in the quality of care you will receive.   What training and qualifications do the members of the team have? What do other patients say about the services they’ve received?  Patient testimonials are a good source of first-hand information about the services a particular clinic has to offer.

Q.3. Why are implants more affordable here than in other European countries, being that your work is top quality and at international standards?

A.3. That’s a good question.  The costs for running a clinic in Romania are less in a number of respects than in the West.  People here cannot afford Western dental prices so we have also to accommodate to the market. This enables us to offer lower prices.

4. Q.4. What benefits do you offer for your work, especially for those coming from abroad?

A.4.  We offer the highest quality dental services at a fraction of the costs for the same services offered in the West.  What’s more, because we offer a range of dental implants to cover all needs, including immediately loadable implants.  For many patients it is possible to come and get their implants and crowns in the same trip, thereby economizing the need for a second trip to load the implants.

5. Q.5.  As a German, why did you decide to open a dental office in Romania?

A.5. I think I saw in Romania an opportunity to do something unique.  I think what we’ve achieved here is unique.  Although I was raised in Germany, I have roots in Romania, as my family stems from the German Saxon minority.   So somehow there’s always been a connection to this land.  I think I saw coming to Romania as a way to contribute to the betterment of a society my forefathers helped build.

Maria Keeley from UK tells us: “The cost is a lot cheaper than in England. The people here are trained at a high standard so I trust them with my teeth … I have had a lot of work done in England, but I am happy having the people here do it. “

K. Engstrom from USA tells us: “My family and I had entrusted Dr. Zerbes’s with our preventative dental care for over a year when I suddenly found myself with loose bridgework. I considered a permanent implant when I was in the United States but was deterred by the cost and pain involved. After consulting with 2 friends who were happy with their implants done by Dr. Zerbes, I scheduled a consult. Dr. Zerbes was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and very patient when addressing my concerns. His staff is very professional and was extremely helpful with scheduling and assisted me with the documentation needed for my insurance carrier. The actual process of getting the implant was so much easier than I could have imagined. Dr. Zerbes is an artist with a needle and gives the most pain-free injections I have ever had in my life. He is very concerned with the comfort and satisfaction of his patients. I am very satisfied with the look and comfort of my new teeth and am very happy that the timing of my “dental emergency” allowed me to have Dr. Zerbes do my implant.”

We hope this interview has answered a few of your questions and queries. Getting dental treatment abroad may be the solution you are looking for. If you still have questions for Dr. Ivo please feel free to contact him at  office@verdantisle.com.

Verdant IsleWhy Get Dental Implants Abroad? – Interview Dr. Ivo Zerbes

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