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Watch the video to discover why Verdant Isle Dental Clinic is the solution to your dental problems.

Verdant Isle Dental Clinic will provide you with the best solutions for your dental needs

toothPain free and easy dental implants

At Verdant Isle, you will discover an oasis where the word “dentist” doesn’t fill you with fear but makes you smile, because you know the dentist cares about you as a friend.


enjoyEnjoy your stay

Visit Cluj-Napoca, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, and Transylvania.

fair-priceAffordable prices

Pay only a fraction of the cost you would pay in the UK.

timeWe value our time together

The procedure takes only two weeks from the time you get the implant until the crown is cemented.

simpleSimple and easy

Our doctors and medical staff are professional, friendly and speak fluent English.

Our Dental Implants - include Immediately Loadable Implants


Following a rigorous period of training and individual coaching with a team of German implantologists, from 2005, Dr. Zerbes began coaching other doctors in implantology and from 2007, he became the National Course Advisor for a number of innovative oral implantology systems, including the patient-friendly KOS implant system, and has since trained more than 500 dentists from Romania and abroad.

Such immediately loaded implants present numerous advantages for the patient:

checkLeast invasive system of dental implants requiring no bone exposure

checkNo stitches required as the gums are not cut

checkIntroduced under local anesthetic

checkNo healing time required before integration of crowns

checkCrowns integrated in only 3-14 days versus regular implants on which crowns are integrated after 6 months

checkRisk of rejection reduced significantly

checkCan be linked to patients own teeth or other implants in bridge formation (regular implants cannot)

About Verdant Isle Dental Clinic

Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Verdant Isle is a top dental clinic in Eastern Europe.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Ivo Christian Zerbes from Germany and his wife, Mrs. Bita Zerbes from Canada, Verdant Isle’s Managing Partner, together with their entire staff are dedicated to ensuring that their patients receive the best possible personalized dental care at fair prices.

Let’s talk and find out how we can help you as well.


Dr. Ivo Christian Zerbes

With over 10 years of rigorous dental training, and more than 20 years of professional experience in the field, Dr. Zerbes has been coaching dentists in innovative oral implantology systems since 2005. From 2007, when he became the National Course Advisor, more than 500 dentists from Romania and abroad have chosen to learn these techniques under his guidance. In June 2016, Dr. Zerbes held an international course in oral implantology organized by the Sociedad de Implantologia Basala Iberamericana in Spain.


Bita Zerbes – Managing Partner

In every team there’s a person towards whom everyone turns when an obstacle, challenge or test is encountered. At Verdant Isle, this person is Bita Zerbes. Herself a Canadian, Bita’s natural leadership skills are enhanced by an energetic experience of over 20 years in management and human resource development in the NGO sector in both Europe and Canada.

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contact Verdant Isle’s Managing Partner, Mrs. Bita Zerbes directly at for any assistance you may need.

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What our patients say

Verdant Dental ClientDr. Ivo Zerbes is a quintessential professional. The care I have received is top-notch. He takes care to inform me of each step of the process and always follows up with me about work he has done. He has given me sound advice about my dental work. I have had a lot of dental work done and have never experienced any discomfort or problems. I regularly travel to Romania for professional reasons and I delay my dental work so that I can make an appointment with him.

 – Professor Paul Sum // University of North Dakota 

Verdant Dental Testimonial I am happy to say that Dr. Ivo Zerbes is the first dentist that – despite my strong fears – made me feel completely taken care of. Excellent competence, a welcoming personality and a clear communication of each and every step he takes, backed up by a very kind, friendly, welcoming and skilled team truly brought about the feeling in me that I like to go to the treatments, a feeling that is very new to me.

 – F. Avvali // NATO Consultant, Germany 

Verdant Dental Clinic ClientYour dental practice is very professional and I always feel comfortable because I know I will get excellent treatment and services.

 – Jennifer B.// Children’s Author, Australia 

My family and I had entrusted Dr. Zerbes’s with our preventative dental care for over a year when I suddenly found myself with loose bridgework. I considered a permanent implant when I was in the United States but was deterred by the cost and pain involved. After consulting with 2 friends who were happy with their implants done by Dr. Zerbes, I scheduled a consult. Dr. Zerbes was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and very patient when addressing my concerns. His staff is very professional and was extremely helpful with scheduling and assisted me with the documentation needed for my insurance carrier. The actual process of getting the implant was so much easier than I could have imagined. Dr. Zerbes is an artist with a needle and gives the most pain-free injections I have ever had in my life. He is very concerned with the comfort and satisfaction of his patients. I am very satisfied with the look and comfort of my new teeth and am very happy that the timing of my “dental emergency” allowed me to have Dr. Zerbes do my implant.

 – K. Engstrom // USA 

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We know that dental implants can cost you a small fortune in the UK.

If you are looking for an affordable yet highly professional alternative for your dental problems, Verdant Isle Clinic is the perfect place for you.

At a fraction of the cost you would pay in the UK, travel and accommodation costs included, our clinic will provide you with the best solutions for your dental needs!

Contact Verdant Isle’s Managing Partner, Mrs. Bita Zerbes directly at for any assistance you may need.

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About Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, is the second largest city in Romania, well known for its fabulous culture, great spirit and lovely people. Find out more about its history and tourist attractions at Visit Cluj-Napoca and see some wonderful pictures on the I Love Cluj Facebook Page.

So, when you come to us for dental implants, between getting your implant and being fitted with the crown, you will have some time to visit our lovely city and its beautiful surroundings. If you need any assistance regarding travel arrangements, accommodation or sight seeing, we are more then happy to assist you and recommend the best solutions.

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